Talking Turkey

New Zealand turkeys are just that – home grown here in New Zealand. Approximately 200,000 turkeys are farmed here every year. They are predominantly a breed known as British United Turkey, known for good grown and body conformation. They are raised here in either barn or free range production systems with the same high animal welfare standards as apply to chickens. We don’t import turkeys from elsewhere and NZ Turkey is a healthy, high quality product.

Turkey Tales

For some insights into New Zealand turkey, this video looks at farming, health and welfare and takes you inside the farm so you can see how the birds are raised.

Canterbury is the centre of turkey farming in New Zealand, with three main producers, Tegel, Canter Valley and Crozier’s. We don’t import fresh or frozen turkeys into New Zealand so all the birds you will find for sale have been reared to our high standards of animal welfare and stockman ship – bringing you healthy, high quality meat.

Farm to Table

Traditionally, turkey is eaten at Christmas, but increasingly, this high protein meat is being used year round. Turkey mince has a subtle flavour and lends itself well to patties, stir fry, meatballs, burgers, chilli, lasagne and casseroles. A high protein meat, a 113g serving provides around 65% of daily recommended protein with half the saturated fat found in red meat.

If you are tackling a turkey for the first time and not sure where to start, then our video featuring NZ chef Annabelle White will take you through the process of preparing and cooking turkey.