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Turkey Farming in New Zealand

Please find below links to the video-driven teaching module, the student worksheet, and the worksheet with answers:

The Chook Book

The Chook Book is a 16-page online resource book for high school students. Jointly authored by PIANZ, the Egg Producers Federation and Starters & Strategies magazine, it offers up-to-date information on poultry farming in New Zealand and a number of questionnaire-based exercises.

Topics covered in The Chook Book include the history of poultry in New Zealand, an outline of meat chicken and layer hen farming, comparisons of different farming practices, the importance of good animal welfare, the nutritional value of poultry and eggs and poultry-specific tips about food safety A number of myths and fallacies about poultry farming are also debunked.

TheChookBook 2016 Student

The Teacher version of The Chook Book (with the answers) is not posted publicly on this site. Please contact Starters & Strategies if you require this document.