NZ chicken meat and poultry production and consumption show continuing increases

November 2018: New Zealanders’ ongoing preference for chicken as a table protein continues, according to data released this month by PIANZ, the Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand.

In 2017, New Zealanders consumed 43.1kg of chicken per capita, and for the still uncompleted 2018 calendar year the figure is 43.4kg per capita.

Chicken meat production also continues its upward trend with total production of 225,296 metric tonnes in 2017 versus 213,912 metric tonnes in 2016.

Total poultry meat production in 2017, which includes turkey and duck, brings the figure to 231, 016 metric tonnes.

Although most poultry and meat chicken production is consumed in New Zealand, the industry also has a growing export sector that made earnings of $27 million in 2017.

“Kiwis love their chicken,” says PIANZ Executive Director, Michael Brooks. “The steady growth in meat chicken and poultry consumption and production over the last ten years reflects both its affordability compared to other meats, and its quality and versatility as a meal solution.”