Growth Hormones are not used in NZ Poultry Industry

The use of growth hormones has been banned by our industry in New Zealand for more than 30 years and as far as our existing records indicate growth hormones have never been used in the New Zealand industry.

There are no raw poultry imports into this country so New Zealand consumers can be assured all fresh poultry processed by our members and sold in supermarkets and shops around the country is hormone free.

Poultry meat is the only protein source in New Zealand that is routinely tested for the presence of growth promoting hormones. None has ever been found in fresh poultry products grown and processed by our members.

See FAQs and Industry Myths sections of this site for more information about this topic.

The youtube video Hormones and poultry – Nick Dale also provides a clear explanation as to why hormones are not used in poultry.